Mail Template

The contents of the confirmation mail is generated from a template. Some variables can be accessed to dynamically generate a response to incoming emails.

Template syntax

The template should be written as valid HTML, just as if you would write a regular mail. You can place named substitutes for use with string interpolation in your template. The syntax for them is %(NAME)TYPE. For example, if you want the subject as a string, you’d put $(subject)s at the appropriate location in your template. See Interpolation variables for a list of available variables.

An example template could look like this:

        Thank you for contacting the support. This mail indicates that your ticket has been successfully created and will be processed soon.<br>
        Please always keep the Ticket-ID in the subject, otherwise we won't be able to track your issue properly.<br>
        Ticket ID: %(ticketid)s<br>
        Ticket Subject: %(subject)s<br>
        This mail was automatically generated by <a href="">Jicket</a>

Interpolation variables


Description:Subject of ticket
Example:Re: The Website Is Down

Ticket ID

Description:Hashed ID of ticket