Jicket can be installed like any other python package. Additionally a convenient docker image is provided.

Jicket requires at least Python 3.6 to run.


Running jicket in a docker container is a convenient way to get started quickly or for testing it locally without having to worry about setting up the environment. You need to pass it some minimum configuration (mostly IMAP, SMTP and Jira account data) to get it running.

Jicket on Docker Hub


Create a file env.list to store your environment variables. Make sure the rights for accessing the file are set correctly, especially the global read flag (chmod o-rwx env.list). Configure the environment variables according to Configuration in a VAR=value format, e.g.:


The container is then launched:

>>> docker run -it --env-file env.list jicket


Install the jicket package with pip:

>>> pip install jicket

Afterwards jicket can be launched with

>>> jicket